Chairman: Gregory Fagan

Vice Chairman: Todd Bradt

Members: Gregory D. Young, John H. Blackmon, Jack Wilson, Sheila Perry, Heather VanDenburgh

This Committee shall have general supervision over all of the following County offices or agencies and their related functions, including, but not limited to, those powers and duties outlined under specific statutory authorities:

  • Highways & Facilities Department
  • Road Construction & Reconstruction Projects
  • Trails Program
  • Planning Department
  • Civil Aviation
  • Code Enforcement Officer
  • Mass Transportation

In the absence of the Director of Planning or the Superintendent of Highways and Facilities, the Chairperson of this Committee shall have and exercise all the powers and duties which have been assigned to said office.

Meeting Dates: Monday at 1:00 PM

January 2
February 24
March 30
April 27
May (To Be Determined)
June 29
July 21

August 31


August 13th, 2018

Supervisor Fagan advised that the first meeting of the newly re-named Public Works Committee went well and the Committee is looking forward to working with the Solid Waste Department.

May 14th, 2018

Supervisor Fagan advised that the Fulton County Office Building Renovation Project (Phase I) started today. He hopes that any confusion that the public is having when finding the correct entrance will become easier in the next few days

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