Stoves, furnace/wood stoves, dishwashers,
washers, dryers, hot water tanks, automobile doors, mufflers,
aluminum chair frames, old pipe, etc. These go into bulk
metal bins at transfer stations (resident must have valid permit).

Items unacceptable as bulk metal include:

  • Tires (see Tires)
  • Large propane tanks (see Propane Tanks)
  • Paint cans (see Paint)
  • Cloth covered box springs (go in garbage)
  • Freon units (see Freon)
  • Engine parts, Car frames, Gas tanks

Residents must bring all Freon containing units (refrigerator,
freezer, dehumidifier, air conditioner) directly to the Dept. of Solid
Waste, 847 Mud Road, Johnstown. There is $5 charge per unit. See
also: “Appliances” page 1 and “Metal Bin” page 8.