Chairman: Cynthia Breh

Vice Chairman: James Groff

Members: Richard Handy, Todd Bradt, David Howard, Marie N. Born, Michael Bowman

This Committee shall have general supervision over all of the following County offices or agencies and related functions, including, but not limited to, those powers and duties outlined under specific statutory authorities:

  • District Attorney’s Office/Stop-DWI
  • Public Defender’s Office
  • Probation Department
  • Coroners’ Office
  • Sheriff’s Department/Correctional Facility, including Civil Work, Navigation and Snowmobile Enforcement - Weights and Measures - Civil Defense/Arson/Fire Coordinator
  • Alternatives to Incarceration/Pre-Trial Release

In the absence of the Fire Coordinator/Civil Defense Director or the Director of Weights and Measures, the Chairperson of this committee shall have and exercise all the powers and duties which have been assigned to said offices.

This Committee shall review all recommendations referred to it by various advisory committees created by the Legislative Body.

This Committee shall make a report and/or recommendations, when it becomes necessary to do so, as it relates to all activities as hereinabove described.

Meetings: Monday at 10:00 AM

January 27
February 24
March 30
April 27
May (To Be Determined)
June 29 July 27Image removed.
August 31
September 28
October 26





May 13, 2019

Supervisor Breh announced that the May Public Safety Meeting would be held on Tuesday, May 28 at 1:00 p.m. due to the Memorial Day holiday

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