Are the responsibility of the municipality served by the transfer station, per the contract between the municipality and the County.

The color of the permit sticker, timing of renewal and cost of sticker are determined by the municipality, which should notify this department of the new color, price, etc.

Municipalities are encouraged to ensure the permittee is the owner of a residence in that municipality, (meaning they have a residence, not just land with no structure on it,) and obtain their name, license plate number, make and model of vehicle, address and phone number.

This information assists this department in identifying anyone who abuses the station rules. It is Department of Solid Waste policy that transfer station permit stickers must be permanently affixed to the vehicle listed on the application.

Residents are NOT allowed to loan their sticker privileges to others.

Proper display of a valid sticker assists the station attendant to ensure the station is not being abused; assists them in performing their job, and assures the municipality isn’t paying for waste that doesn’t come from within their area or from businesses.