The Director of the Department of Solid Waste through local solid waste management law, has the authority to revoke a user’s permit to utilize a transfer station for just cause. Typically, an attendant brings a problem of noncompliance, unauthorized business use, or non-resident use of a station to this department’s attention.

Transfer station attendants are advised to write down the permit sticker number, license plate number, make and model of the vehicle in case of a problem, so this department can match the permit sticker with the individual. Municipal clerks, who sell the stickers and keep records of permit numbers, are extremely helpful in identifying an abuser. Depending on the infraction, the Director may issue a warning, or revoke the permit immediately. Revocation is done via letter, with a copy to municipal clerks and transfer station attendants.

Revocation may be permanent, or for the remainder of the year. If someone whose permit has been revoked attempts to use a station, they are turned away. In extreme circumstances, the Sheriff’s Department may be called to escort a revokee out of the station. Anyone whose permit is revoked should hire a private hauler or utilize curbside garbage pick up if offered in the municipality.