Board of Supervisors - Resolutions

Supervisor ARGOTSINGER offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption:




RESOLVED, That the Report of the Committee on Equalization, dated November 29, 2021, be adopted as the act and determination of the Board, that the rates of percentages, as determined by the NYS Board of Real Property Services, which the assessed value of real property bears to the full value as computed by the Committee, be and they hereby are adopted as to the act and determination of the Board and that same be reported forthwith to the Department of Taxation and Finance and printed in the minutes; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That a certified copy of this Resolution be forwarded to the County Treasurer, Budget Director/County Auditor and Administrative Officer/Clerk of the Board.






Seconded by Supervisor BOWMAN and adopted by the following vote:

TOTAL: Ayes: 18 Nays: 0 Absent: 3 (Supervisors Callery, Horton and VanDenburgh)