WHEREAS, on January 11, 2020, the Johnstown Fire Department and other first responders were called to a reported anhydrous ammonia leak at a local business; and

WHEREAS, such an event was a dangerous situation requiring immediate attention; and

WHEREAS, the Johnstown Fire Department arrived promptly on scene, assessed the situation with company employees and determined the cause to be a mechanical failure; and

WHEREAS, the Johnstown Fire Chief, as incident commander, requested that the Fulton-Montgomery-Schoharie Counties Regional Hazardous Material Response Team be activated and deployed to the scene; and

WHEREAS, multiple contributing agencies cooperated to evacuate employees and cordon off the area to a safe perimeter; and

WHEREAS, the Hazardous Material Technicians from the Hazmat Team and Johnstown Fire personnel conducted a Level A entry to further isolate and secure the leak; and

WHEREAS, the complex event was handled professionally and expeditiously to prevent the incident from expanding to a more severe problem; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Board of Supervisors hereby commends the cooperation of the following agencies for a job well done:

Johnstown Fire Department                                                 Johnstown Fire EMS

F-M-S Hazardous Material Response Team                         Fulton County EMS

Fulton County Emergency Management Office                    City of Gloversville Fire Department

City of Amsterdam Fire Department                                    Berkshire Volunteer Fire Department

Montgomery County Emergency Management                     Montgomery County Sheriff

Greater Amsterdam Vol. Ambulance Corps (GAVAC)         New York State Police

Mr. Stead asked Mr. SantaMaria to provide a brief summary regarding the hazmat incident.  Mr. SantaMaria explained that it was a dangerous situation with an anhydrous ammonia leak.  He praised the strong leadership needed to quell the situation and thanked Chief Heberer for his actions on that day.  He also thanked Deputy Fire Coordinator Ralph Palcovic for his expertise with the situation.   He noted that Mr. Palcovic worked at Knolls Atomic Power Lab for 36 years in its fire department, resulting in a wealth of knowledge.   Mr. SantaMaria explained that many people from many agencies came together to combat this incident on that day.   He further advised that the City of Johnstown should be proud, and the County should be proud also of their teams.  Mr. SantaMaria explained that he had additional copies of the Proclamation for other agencies that helped with the clean up on that day and would distribute them.