Resolution No. 88


Supervisor BREH offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption:


WHEREAS, residents of Fulton County have great respect, admiration, and the utmost gratitude for all of the men and women who have selflessly served their country and this community in the Armed Forces; and

WHEREAS, the contributions and sacrifices of the men and women from Fulton County that served in the Armed Forces have been vital in maintaining the freedoms and way of life enjoyed by our citizens; and

WHEREAS, on August 7, 1782, General George Washington issued an order establishing the Badge of Military Merit to honor merit, particularly among the enlisted soldiers; and

WHEREAS, on February 22, 1932, the Badge of Military Merit was renamed the Purple Heart, which is awarded to any member of the United States Armed Forces wounded or killed in combat by a declared enemy of the United States; and

WHEREAS, many citizens of Fulton County are recipients of the Purple Heart Medal as a result of being wounded or killed while engaged in combat with an enemy force, construed as a singular meritorious act of essential service; and

WHEREAS, the Fulton County Board of Supervisors appreciates the sacrifices our Purple Heart recipients made while defending freedom and believe specific recognition be accorded them in appreciation of their courage and to demonstrate the honor they have earned; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Fulton County Board of Supervisors hereby declares Fulton County as a Purple Heart County, honoring the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform wounded or killed by the enemy while serving to protect the freedoms of all Americans; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That certified copies of this Resolution be forwarded to the County Treasurer, Senator James Tedisco, Assemblyman Robert Smullen, Fulton Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, Veterans Director, and Administrative Officer/Clerk of the Board.

Seconded by SILENT STANDING and adopted by the following vote:
Total:  Ayes: 20   Nays: 0



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