The next county-wide Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day will be held the second Saturday of August, 2021.

Residents are advised to hold unsafe materials in a safe spot until the next HHW event (8/14/2021) – especially petroleum-based products, or items marked as poisonous, flammable or caustic.

Many items can be left in the original can and dried out (such as paint, roofing tar, or sheetrock and joint compound). Once completely hardened, the material can be disposed of in regular garbage, (NOT Recycling) with the lid clearly removed, so garbage crews can tell there is no liquid contained within. This is the best way to dispose of old/bad paint.

To dispose of good, reusable latex paint, the Solid Waste Department offers a Latex Paint Exchange every Saturday morning in June, July & August at the Landfill Transfer Station on Mud Road in Johnstown. There is no cost for Fulton County residents to dispose of (or take up to five gallons weekly of) latex paint. This program is intended as a reuse effort, so donated paint should be in a condition to be given away. Bad paint should be dried up in the can and disposed with garbage, as explained above.

For questions, call the Solid Waste Department’s Recycling Info-Line at (518) 736-5504.