Supervisors BREH, CALLERY AND ARGOTSINGER offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption:


WHEREAS, the position of EMS Coordinator in Fulton County has been an unpaid volunteer position since its inception; and

WHEREAS, in 2019 Fulton County has seen two major providers of ambulance service go out of business without warning and the closures caused Fulton County Officials to implement a temporary plan to ensure continuity of emergency medical service operations for the safety and wellbeing of our residents; and

WHEREAS, the Emergency Medical Service landscape throughout the state continues to change on a monthly basis and it has become apparent that additional resources are needed to provide the proper oversight, conduct adequate research, and develop a plan that will ensure long term stability and sustainability for Fulton County’s EMS system; and

WHEREAS, creation of the EMS Coordinator position will provide County government with a person dedicated primarily to ensuring that adequate ambulance services are available to county residents; and

WHEREAS, the EMS Coordinator will implement and administer a plan to improve EMS services and will act as the Emergency Management Office liaison to EMS Agencies operating in Fulton County; and

WHEREAS, the Committees on Public Works and Finance have reviewed the current department structure and recommend creating an Emergency Medical Services Coordinator position in the Emergency Management Office; effective July 1, 2019; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That an Emergency Medical Services Coordinator position (Non-Union Job Group A/T-4, 2019 Start Rate: $33,150.00 per year, Permanent one-year Rate: $39,000.00 per year), be and hereby is created effective July 1, 2019; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That the County Treasurer be and hereby is directed to make the following transfer:

From:    A.1000.1990-4907-EXP-Contingent Fund Expense        $17,889.00

To:    A.3640.3640-1000- EXP - Payroll                                    $16,771.00
    A.3640.3640-8100- EXP - Social Security                            $1,118.00

and, be it further

RESOLVED, That the Civil Defense/Fire Coordinator, Budget Director and Personnel Director do each and every other thing necessary to further purport of this Resolution; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That certified copies of this Resolution be forwarded to the County Treasurer, Personnel Director, Civil Defense/Fire Coordinator, CSEA Local 818, Budget Director/County Auditor and Administrative Officer/Clerk of the Board.

Seconded by Supervisor PERRY and adopted by the following vote:
TOTAL:  Ayes: 17   Nays: 0   Absent: 3 (Supervisors Handy, Wilson and Young)

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