Supervisor ARGOTSINGER offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption:


WHEREAS, Resolution No. 175 of 2001 established Capital Reserve accounts for receipt of National Tobacco Settlement proceeds and/or County monies from other sources that would facilitate capital improvements or the purchase of capital equipment; and

WHEREAS, the 2018 Adopted Budget allocated $2,472,140.00 from said Capital Reserves to fund certain Capital Equipment and Improvement Projects; and

WHEREAS, the 2018 Adopted Budget allocated $1,150,000.00 from said Solid Waste Reserves to fund certain Capital Equipment Projects; and

WHEREAS, said allocation needs to be transferred into the appropriate projects; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the County Treasurer be and hereby is directed to make the following transfers:

General Fund
From: A-0883.0700 – Capital Equipment Reserve $ 104,168.00
A-0883.0800 – Capital Improvements Reserve $2,270,972.00
A-0881 – County Clerk Technology Improvement Reserve $ 97,000.00
To: A-0909 – Unreserved Fund Balance $2,472,140.00

Solid Waste Fund
From: CL-0898.0878 – CL Building – Equipment Depreciation $770,000.00
CL-0898.0883 – Transfer Haul Equipment Reserve $380,000.00
To: CL-0909 – Unreserved Fund Balance $1,150,000.00

and, be it further

RESOLVED, That certified copies of this Resolution be forwarded to the County Treasurer, Solid Waste Department, Budget Director/County Auditor and Administrative Officer/Clerk of the Board.

Seconded by Supervisor BORN and adopted by the following vote:
TOTAL: Ayes: 19 Nays: 0 Absent: 1 (Supervisor Fagan)