Residents are encouraged to use the Latex Paint Exchange to dispose of
good, reusable latex paint. See page 7 for details of this environmentally
friendly, no-cost reuse program.

To dispose of small quantities of any kind of paint – completely
dry up the liquid paint (in the original can) and dispose of it with
regular household garbage, with the lid clearly removed. Dry the
paint by removing the lid and letting the can sit until it is solidi-
fied; or bulk-up liquid paint with cat litter, sand, or sawdust, let it
harden, then throw away in regular garbage, with the lid re-
moved. Do not recycle paint cans in singlestream recycling.

Bad oil paint or stain can be disposed of at the Household Hazard-
ous Waste Drop-off Day, which is held every other year (see page 6).
Call the Recycling Info-Line, 518-736-5504 with questions.