Fulton County parent/guardians  who wish to have instruction on installing their car seat and fitting the child into the seat  may do so by making an appointment at Fulton County Public Health. The program provides education including watching a video and receiving written literature. The Health Educator will demonstrate properly installing a child’s car seat into the vehicle driven to the appointment followed by demonstrating properly fitting the child into the car seat.  After the training the parent/guardian will be observed repeating the installation and fitting.    


This is an identification and information package for child car safety seats created by Connie Day, a caregiver from Richmond, VA, who wondered what would happen to the children in her care in the event of an automobile crash.  WHALE stands for We Have A Little Emergency. WHALE is currently used in 32 states.  It requires the use of four self-adhesive stickers and one information label.  Instructions are also included.  



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