Persons reported as having a communicable disease will receive information, education and contact investigation as required by New York State Department of Health regulations.  Information obtained through communicable disease investigation helps to protect the health of the ill individual and of the entire community.

Routine Childhood Immunizations are available to all children at a nominal fee.  Adult (Age 19 and over) immunizations are provided on an individual need basis for a small or at-cost fee. Appointments may be made for regular office hours or for the monthly evening clinic.  
Fulton County Public Health is responsible for Rabies prevention and treatment of Fulton County residents.  Pet immunization clinics are held every other month throughout the year for a nominal donation.   Clinic dates are advertised in local newspapers, cable TV channel 16, and posters are placed in town halls and local businesses.  Pre-exposure treatment is offered for people at risk, and expenses for post-exposure treatment are paid if prior authorization is obtained from Fulton County Public Health.  There is coverage for rabies exposures
 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  During office hours, call Fulton County Public Health at 736-5720, after hours call Fulton County Sheriff’s Department at 736-2100 and request the Public Health Nurse on-call.  

  West Nile Virus is a mosquito-born virus that can cause encephalitis  (inflammation of the brain) or meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord).  West Nile Virus is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.
Mosquitoes become infected after biting a bird that carries the virus.  Birds are the primary reservoir host for West Nile Virus.  Fulton County Public Health submits birds to the Wildlife Pathology Lab for testing to confirm West Nile Virus. This will ensure monitoring of the spread of the disease and risk to humans. The Public Health Program Assistant and the Public Community Health Worker perform Mosquito identification and monitoring.  BTI briquettes (a biological larval control) are placed in municipal storm drains that have standing water to reduce the risk of disease.  
Screening tests for TB are available on a weekly basis by appointment for Fulton County residents.  Persons found to be infected with TB will be followed up by Public Health Nurses and seen by a physician in our clinic setting.  Public Health Law mandates Public Health nurses to conduct follow-up reports of TB infected persons and their contacts, even if those persons wish private care.  



STD diagnosis and treatment is provided through a contract with St. Mary's Hospital.  There is no charge to any Fulton County resident that attends the clinic and is treated for an STD.  Call 841-3770 for an appointment.


Confidential HIV testing is available at our office at NO cost.  Testing can be performed by phlebotomy or Orasure, an oral fluid test.

 Call 736-5720 for an appointment.


The Public Health Educator and Public Health Nurses are active members representing Fulton County Public Health on various grant funded coalitions/partnerships pertaining to chronic disease.  Prevention education material is available at our office.

The Asthma Coalition consists of nine regional counties under the leadership of the American Lung Association. It was developed to help reduce the complications and exacerbations of asthma in children and to promote professional education regarding the latest treatments.  The grant also supports the Open Airways program held in schools under the direction of the school nurses.  
This coalition consists of Fulton, Montgomery and Hamilton Counties, St. Mary’s Hospital and other community members. The mission of this coalition is to prevent teen smoking and tobacco use. Adult smoking cessation information is also provided.  
This multi-agency initiative continues to provide mammography and Pap tests to eligible, uninsured women.  Future plans include expansion to provide prostate screening for men and colon/rectal cancer screening for men and women.


Fulton County Public Health participates along with Schoharie and Montgomery Public Health Departments, St. Mary’s Hospital, Nathan Littauer Hospital, Amsterdam Memorial Hospital, Office for the Aging, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Fulton and Montgomery Counties, to provide diabetic updates for physicians, nurses and the public.  Fulton County Public Health has educational resources and materials to use with patients and the public about reducing the risk of diabetes.


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