Details are outlined in
Department of Solid Waste brochures. Additional brochures
available upon request by calling the DSW at 518-736-5504. All
transfer stations accept the following material (a permit is needed
for singlestream recycling or bulk metals).

  • Singlestream Recycling - Drop-off containers for singlestream
    recycling are located at every transfer station. (See
    Singlestream, page 15 for recycling preparation guidelines).
    Recycling can be transported in any way convenient to resi-
    dents, and dumped loose into the bin at the transfer station.
    Residents need valid permits to recycle at transfer stations.
  • Bulk Metals - Stoves, dishwashers, dryers, etc. (see page 3). Atransfer station permit is needed for metal disposal. Caroga residents must purchase a
    coupon from municipal clerk to dispose of an appliance (see page 1).
  • Electronics and televisions - see “Computers”
  • Textiles & Shoes - Put in textile collection boxes. See
    “Textiles” for expanded list.
  • Motor Oil - Put used motor oil in a translucent jug with a tight
    cap, hand to station attendant (Residents DO NOT pour the oil
    into the 55-gallon drums themselves).
  • Propane Tanks - 20-lb propane tanks are accepted at the Solid
    Waste Department ONLY. No permit needed. (Put next to
    Freon units). Small, empty 1-lb propane tanks are garbage.
  • Rechargeable Batteries - Residents can bring rechargeable bat-
    teries and button batteries and dispose of them in special contain-
    ers at each transfer station (in with electronics).
  • Vehicle Batteries - Place in designated location at each transfer
    station. Or encourage residents to turn in their batteries for the
    rebate at stores that sell vehicle batteries.

Perth residents are allowed use of the Broadalbin Transfer Station, 221 Un-
ion Mills Road, to drop off used motor oil, rechargeable batteries, vehicle
batteries, electronics or textiles at no charge (and no sticker needed).