CR 158 ­‐ ½ mile off NYS Route 29

Town of Perth Size 100 +/­‐ Acres

# Parcels:

Site Condition

Business and Technology

Water, Sewer, Gas, and Electric

Traffic Counts:
AAADT of 1674 on County Route 158 (2015); AADT of 7507 on NYS Route 29

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The Tryon Development Area

is a 100+/­‐ acre tract of land owned by the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency. This prime tract of land is immediately available for sale and development. This picturesque site with beautiful vistas is an attractive location for various types of housing.




  • The land is owned by the IDA and is currently available.
  • Infrastructure onsite.
  • Strong public support for the Concept Plan by both Town and County.
  • Established market demand for new housing and retail.
  • Quiet, picturesque setting with beautiful vistas.




Site Features

  • Picturesque setting with larger lots available for upscale housing.
  • Land is currently available for sale.
  • Water, sewer, gas and electricity onsite.
  • Scenic vistas.


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Development Concept

The Development Concept features both single-­‐family housing, townhomes and apartments with a mixture of commercial and retail uses in a scenic setting. Being ½ mile off NYS Route 29, the Development Area is 5 minutes from downtown Gloversville and Johnstown and 30 minutes to downtown Saratoga..



Development Concept/ Opportunities

20,000 SF

Professional Office
20,000 -­‐ 40,000 SF

Single-­‐Family Homes


Family Apartments



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