(all loose, no plastic bags)

  • Paper Products – Newspapers, color inserts, magazines, glossy ads, junk mail, phone books and soft cover books, pizza boxes, milk and juice cartons, and “grayboard” (one -layer cardboard, like cereal boxes or paper egg cartons).

Shredded paper (only) goes in a clear plastic bag.

NO hardcover books, carbon paper, tissues or paper napkins

  • Corrugated Cardboard – (three layers with a wavy inner layer). Flatten all cartons.

    These go into single stream container at transfer stations.

    For curbside recycling, corrugated cardboard can be set beside or under the bin (do not tie or put in a plastic bag).
  • Glass – Clear, brown & green bottles and jars, rinse clean. Labels and the caps DO NOT have to be removed.

    Take deposit bottles back for 5 -cent refund.
  • Plastic – Food and beverage containers that resemble a bottle (screw top), milk jugs, and containers such as margarine tubs, yogurt cups (flexible plastics).

    Caps and labels DO NOT have to be removed, but container should be rinsed. Take plastic deposit bottles back to the store for 5-cent refund.

    NO: flowerpots, toys, Styrofoam, pool chemical bottles, pill bottles or motor oil bottles should be put into recycling.
  • Tin & Aluminum Cans – Rinse can, put lid inside can and crimp.

    Labels DO NOT have to be removed.

    Take aluminum deposit cans back to the store for 5 -cent refund.