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Click here for OFFICIAL 2019 Primary election results

Annual Retirement Reporting Data is available online

The Retirement Reporting Data resolution for 2019 is available by clicking here.

2019 Adopted Budget is available online

The 2019 Adopted Budget can be found on the County Budget/Audit page.. Click here to view the 2019 Adopted Budget

Click here for the Fulton County Development Strategy Executive Summary

OFFICIAL election results may be viewed on the Board of Elections page.

The The final 2018 Shared Services Plan is located on the Shared Service Plans page.

Assessment Rolls *2018 Final Assessment Rolls are available online*

The 2018 Final Assessment Rolls have been added. Click here to view the 2018 Final Assessment Rolls and their Cross References
All of the current Tentative and Final Assessment Rolls are available on the Real Property Tax Department's web page.


Tax Bills for most taxable properties are available, starting with the 2018 County/Town billing, on our Image Mate Online Web application. A link can be found by going to the “Tax Info” page on Image Mate. Once on the “Tax Info” page you will see a link for “View Tax Bills”.  If no “View Tax Bills” Link appears, that indicates there are no documents available.  A list of available Bills will show according to bill type. To view, click here.

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