Fulton County's Strategic Location


Fulton County:
    •   Is located within six hours of 20% of the United States’ population including New York City, Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Buffalo and major Canadian markets including Montreal.
    •   Is located within NY’s Technology Triangle, a Nanoelectronics hotbed formed by Globalfoundries to the east, SUNY Poly College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to the south and Marcy Nanocenter to the west.
    •   Has quick and easy access to four major Interstate Highways: I ‐90, I­‐87, I­‐88 and I- 81.
    •   Has convenient access to tourist, recreational, historic, art and cultural resources in the Region.
    •   Is a short drive to major employers in the Region including Globalfoundries, SUNY Poly College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, General Electric and others.


Fulton County is located between important upstate metropolitan areas in the Capital Region and Utica­‐Rome.

Numerous highway connections including the New York State Thruway and Adirondack Northway put major urban markets within four hours of Fulton County. The Albany International Airport and Port of Albany are under an hour away.

The County’s world­‐class recreational assets are within a four­‐hour drive of millions of people, including the urban markets of New York City, Montreal, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Approximately 65 million people can be served within a four­‐hour travel time, or the standard 300­‐mile “just­‐in­‐time­‐delivery” radius.

City (metro area) Distance (miles) Drive Time (hours) Population
Albany,NY 40 0.75 870,000
Utica-­ Rome,NY 50 1 300,000
Syracuse,NY 100 1.75 660,000
Rochester, NY 180 3 1,150,000
New York City, NY 200 3.75 20,200,000
Montreal, QC 210 3.75 4,060,000
Boston, MA 225 3.5 4,800,000
Buffalo, NY 245 3.75 1,100,000
Philadelphia, PA 250 5 6,000,000
Toronto, ON 340 5.25 6,600,000
Total     45,740,000


Fulton County is located within New York’s “Technology Triangle” formed by GlobalFoundries to the east, SUNY Poly College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to the south and Marcy Nanocenter at SUNY Polytechnic Institute to the west.

GlobalFoundries, an international semiconductor foundry that manufactures integrated circuits for semiconductor companies, has invested over $14 billion into its Fab 8 facility in Malta, NY, and employs over 3,000 workers. The Nano Utica Initiative at SUNY POLY is a $1.5 billion economic development initiative to create the world's largest shovel-­‐ready semiconductor site.

Fulton County in the middle of New York's Tech Triangle of Marcy Nanocenter in Utica, Global Foundries in Malta and SUNY Poly College in Albany




Strategic, Central Location