Key Takeaways

  • Fulton County’s Development Strategy recommends the creation of three Primary Development Areas (PDA). Each PDA is a tract of land planned and endorsed by local communities for Smart development.
  • The three PDA’s are: 
  • Development Concept Plans for each Development Area identify a mixture of housing, commercial, retail, recreational and mixed use types of development.
  • All three PDA’s are ready to be developed, supported at the local level and are properly zoned.


Hales Mills Development Area

The 490 +/-­ acre Hales Mills Development Area is envisioned as a vibrant, walkable and accessible neighborhood featuring housing, retail, commerce and recreational opportunities in a picturesque environment.

  • Pro-­‐development community.
  • Development concept has been endorsed by Planning and Town Boards. |LS|Boards will consider alternate concepts|RS|.
  • New water and sewer infrastructure installed along Hales Mills Road Extension to support Development Area.
  • Documented market demand for new housing and retail.


Vail Mills Development Area

The Vail Mills Development Area offers premier opportunities for infill development in the hamlet of Vail Mills located at the intersection of NYS Routes 29 and 30; a key gateway to the Great Sacandaga Lake and the Adirondack State Park. Vail Mills is adjacent to the historic Village of Broadalbin in scenic Fulton County, NY. As a “Gateway to the Adirondacks” the Vail Mills Development Area is witness to over 10,000 average daily traffic volumes. The development area includes several successful businesses and a rail trail, a proposed park and a canoe launch at Kennyetto Creek. The community­‐supported plan for the numerous development sites includes new single­‐family housing, a commercial/retail district and lodging in a pastoral setting.

  • Multiple prime development sites at strategic crossroads of two state highways.
  • Strong public support for a concept plan agreed to by both Town and County.
  • Opportunity to build in successful commercial corridor that includes a regional Harley Davidson Dealership.
  • Planned infrastructure investments to support development.
  • Established market demand for new housing and retail.
  • Excellent location along major tourism route to the Great Sacandaga Lake and the Adirondack Park.


Tryon Development Area

The Tryon Development Area is a 100+/- acre tract of land owned by the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency. This prime tract of land is immediately available for sale and development. This picturesque site with beautiful vistas is an attractive location for various types of housing.

  • The land is owned by the IDA and is currently available.
  • Infrastructure onsite.
  • Strong public support for the Concept Plan by both Town and County.
  • Established market demand for new housing and retail.
  • Quiet, picturesque setting with beautiful vistas.

Fulton County's Primary Development Areas