Fulton County Planning Board


Under NYS General Municipal Law (GML) Section §239-m, the Fulton County Planning Board must review certain planning and zoning actions before any final decision is taken at the municipal level. The Board is responsible for examining the inter-community and countywide or regional impacts of a proposed project and recommending approval, modification, or disapproval of the proposed action under GML §239-l. The Fulton County Planning Board meets at 8:45 am, the third Tuesday of every month at the Fulton County Planning Department. Application and the Full Statement of the proposal as defined below shall be delivered to the Planning Department by 5:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month to be on the Agenda for that month’s meeting. Please email planning@fultoncountyny.gov

A referring board must forward a “Full Statement of such proposal action” to the County Planning Board. A Full Statement is defined as all materials required by and submitted to the referring body as an application on the proposed action including the completed Environmental Assessment Form (EAF). For more information on the process, please visit the GML 239 Guidance Document

The referring board must have a supermajority vote to override the County Planning Board's recommendation on any application (a majority plus one).

Planning Board Membership

Dave Rackmyre, Jr. (Chairman)
James Anderson (Vice Chairman)
Walter Fitzgerald
Peter Goderie
Colleen Ioele-DeCristofaro
John Kessler
Jerry Moore
Sheila Perry
Jay Pierz
Frank Lauria (Alternate)