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Real Property Tax Service Agency FAQ

The work of the Fulton County Real Property Tax Service Agency serves three distinct groups;

  1. First as an advocate for and support agency to County Government;
  2. Second, in the support and mentoring of the local assessment community; and
  3. Third, as an advocate and resource in real property matters to the public.

The Real Property Tax Service Agency was established by New York State statute in 1970 with the enactment of Article 15-A of the Real Property Tax Law. One of the main responsibilities given to Counties under this legislation was the responsibility to create and maintain tax maps.

These maps were originally designed for local assessors to assist them in fulfilling their legal obligations by displaying the size and location of parcels within the towns, cities, villages, schools and special districts. Over the years the departments responsibilities have expanded. For more information, please refer to our department Annual Report.

Image Mate Online

Using the Image Mate Online" application will give the ownership, property inventory, assessed value as well as other useful information.

Information is updated nightly.

The property SBL is also known as the "Tax Map Number" or "Property ID Number".

It consists of the Map "Section", The individual "Block" located in the map and the individual "Lot" number. (e.g. 149.10-5-1)

These numbers appear on various documents including Assessment Rolls, Tax Rolls, Tax Bills, Etc.

During tax collection dates, please contact the local tax collector.

Outside these dates please contact the County Treasurer for County/Town taxes; the City or School Tax Collector for those taxes.

A list of Tax Collectors can be found on our department Web Page.

Image Mate Online

On our Image Mate Online" application, under the "Property Info" Tab, has a document box.

Some parcels have a "Search Packet" listed which has various documents our department has collected on individual parcels.

For a complete search of a property and Abstract Company should be hired to prepare a legal Abstract.

Image Mate Online

Tax Maps can be obtained by printing them from the Image Mate Online application, the "IMap" application, or by coming into our office.

Full size maps and aerial photo overlays are also available.

A price list is available on our Web Site.

Property owners must now apply with the State of New York directly for this benefit.

Click Here  or call (518) 457-2036.

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