Commissioner (R):
Lee Hollenbeck

Cinda J Spraker

Commissioner (D):
G. Jeremiah Ryan

Rebecca Weiderman

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday:
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Summer Hours:
Monday - Friday:
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

County Office Complex
2714 State Highway 29
Suite 1
Johnstown, NY 12095

(518) 736-5526

(518) 736-1612


The Fulton County Board of Elections is a bipartisan office responsible for administering elections for Fulton County.

Unofficial Primary Election Results


Primary Election Polling Sites

Polls are open 6am-9pm

Bleecker   1 Caroga Municipal Office Bldg. 1840 State Highway 10 Caroga Lake, NY 12032  
Broadalbin   1 & 4 Broadalbin V.F.W. 19 Pine St. Broadalbin, NY 12025  
Broadalbin   2 & 3 Broadalbin Municipal Complex 201 Union Mills Rd Broadalbin, NY 12025  
Caroga   1 Caroga Municipal Office Bldg. 1840 State Highway 10 Caroga Lake, NY 12032  
Ephratah   1 Ephratah Town Hall Ephratah Town Hall St Johnsville, NY 13452  
Johnstown   1 Town of Johnstown Town Hall 2753 State Highway 29 Johnstown, NY 12095  
Johnstown   2 First Free Methodist Church 1200 County Highway 122 Gloversville, NY 12078  
Johnstown   3 Meco Firehouse 1600 State Highway 29A Gloversville, NY 12078  
Johnstown   4 Sammonsville Firehouse 1362 State Highway 67 Johnstown, NY 12095  
Mayfield   1 & 4 Mayfield Municipal Complex 28 N School St Mayfield, NY 12117  
Mayfield   2 & 3 Fulton County Visitors Center 3687 State Highway 30 Broadalbin, NY 12025  
Northampton   1&3 Northampton Town Hall 412 S Main St Northville, NY 12134  
Northampton   2 United Methodist Church 1605 County Highway 110 Broadalbin, NY 12025  
Oppenheim   1 Ephratah Town Hall Ephratah Town Hall St. Johnsville, NY 13452  
Perth   1 & 2 Perth Municipal Complex 1849 County Highway 107 Amsterdam, NY 12010  
Stratford   1 Stratford Town Hall 120 Piseco Rd Stratford, NY 13470  
Johnstown 1 1 Trackside Homes Community Ctr. Robin Circle Johnstown, NY 12095  
Johnstown 2 1 Senior Citizens Ctr. 109 E Main St Johnstown, NY 12095  
Johnstown 3 1 First Baptist Church 325 S. Comrie Ave Johnstown, NY 12095  
Johnstown 4 1 Lutheran Church 1 W. Montgomery St. Johnstown, NY 12095  
Gloversville 1 1 Family Counseling Center 11-21 Broadway Gloversville, NY 12078  
Gloversville 2 1 Church of the Holy Spirit (Mt. Carmel) 149 S. Main St Gloversville, NY 12078  
Gloversville 3 1 Gloversville Rec Center 24 Third Ave Gloversville, NY 12078 also early voting site
Gloversville 4 1 Dubois Garden-GHA 181 West St Gloversville, NY 12078  
Gloversville 5 1 United Methodist Church 316 N. Main St. Gloversville, NY 12078  
Gloversville 6 1 Senior Citizen Service Center 53 Church St Gloversville, NY 12078  


General Election   November 8, 2022


With regards to the decision and appeal with respect to the court case on the Congressional, Senate and Assembly lines we have posted the following notice on our website. We will keep you apprised of any changes.

Notice to Designating Petition Filers For Congress, Senate and Assembly

The March 31, 2022 order of the State Supreme Court Order (Harkenrider v Hochul, Sup. Ct. Steuben County Index No. E2022-0116cv Doc# 243) which declared the 2022 Congressional, Senate and Assembly lines unconstitutional has been STAYED pending appeal.

The means that the filing period for designating petitions will remain April 4 to April 7 and all other deadlines provided for by law are still in effect pending further court determinations. All designating petitions must be filed during that time period. 

You may register at our local board, at any state agency participating in the National Voter Registration Act, on any business day throughout the year.

Alternatively, you can download a .pdf version of the Voter Registration Form from our website, and mail it to the county board of elections, or register electronically through NYS MyDMV.

English Spanish


Complete the Voter Registration Form with the new information, and mail it to the country board of elections.

If you are moving to a new county you will have to re-register to vote. Send your voter registration form with the new information to your new county board of elections.

The board will notify you when your enrollment change takes place, by Law, after the next general election.


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Enrolled members of a political party help to select the candidates for that party who will be on the general election ballot in November.

Parties generally circulate petitions to allow people to become candidates in primary elections.

A primary election is an election which the voters of a certain party select their candidates.

If you are not enrolled in a party, you may not vote in the primary election.

Often, people are concerned about the secrecy of their vote.

If you vote on a machine, your vote is protected through a system of administrative safeguards.

You begin by filling out your ballot at a table with privacy dividers.

Then, you proceed to the voting machine with your ballot inside a privacy sleeve.
The machines are sealed from the opening of the polls.

There is no way for the inspectors or anyone else to check the ballots or see what candidates you selected or how you voted on propositions.

The optical ballot scanner in no way reveals for whom you voted.

If you think that you will be out of the country on Election Day, you can request an absentee so you can vote by a paper ballot.

You will need to complete the application informing us of your name, residence address, when you will be out of the county and how you want us to get a ballot to you.

You may also come into our office and vote in person before you leave the county or have it mailed to you.

If you find that you are in the county on Election Day, you are required to go to the polls and vote in person even if you have already voted by an absentee ballot.

In such cases, the absentee ballot will not be counted if you vote on the voting machine.

New York State Board of Elections Launches Statewide Absentee Ballot Tracker Ahead of New Absentee Canvass Process

ALBANY, N.Y (04/05/2022) – The New York State Board of Elections has released a new statewide absentee ballot tracker to allow any voter in the state to monitor the status of their absentee ballot. This comprehensive tool will help voters track their absentee ballot and ensure their vote is counted.

The new portal is integrated with the state’s existing Voter Registration and Poll Site Search tool which can be accessed at The tracking system will inform voters when their absentee ballot request has been received by their County Board of Elections, and whether a ballot has been sent, received, and counted.  The portal will also alert voters if their absentee ballot has a curable or non-curable defect.

Voters can request an absentee ballot for the upcoming primary and general elections by utilizing the state’s online absentee request portal at or by mailing a signed absentee request form to their County Board of Elections. A voter’s application must be received by their County Board of Elections no later than June 13 to be eligible to vote by absentee in the June 28th primary election.  Absentee ballots can be returned by mail or in person to the voter’s County Board of Elections or at any Early or Election Day poll site in their county by June 28th.  Voters can print an application from the state website at 

Voters planning to vote by absentee ballot will no longer have the option to vote in person on a machine if an absentee ballot has been issued. This new statutory change requires voters who have been issued an absentee ballot and later decide to cast their ballot in person to vote via affidavit ballot.

During the canvassing process, the voter’s County Board of Elections will determine whether the voter’s absentee ballot has already been counted. If the absentee ballot was counted, the affidavit will be set aside and not counted. If the absentee ballot has not arrived and been counted, the voter’s affidavit ballot will be counted. The tracking tool will allow voters to see whether their absentee or affidavit ballot was counted for that election. 

If you have any questions, please contact your local County Board of Elections at 518-736-5526.

Absentee Ballot Application

Any voter who has a physical disability or an illness, which does not allow him to go to the polling site, may also vote by an absentee ballot.

These voters may request that they be put on a permanent list so that they will receive a ballot for each election they are eligible to vote in.

You will only have to file an application once.

Absentee Ballot Application Accessible Electronic Absentee Ballot Application

For further information, please see the New York State Board of Elections website available by clicking the button below.

New York State Board of Elections website