Fulton County Emergency Management - Fire Coordinator


The Director / Fire Coordinator acts as a Liaison to the Fulton County Fire Advisory Board. Along with the 8 Volunteer Deputy Fire Coordinators, the Director / Fire Coordinator provides support and assistance to all County Fire Departments during fire related incidents, other emergencies, and also during non-emergency situations.

The Fulton County Emergency Management / Fire Coordinators office also works in conjunction with the 5 State Fire Instructors assigned to Fulton County to arrange the scheduling and delivery of fire training courses to all county fire personnel. The office is also responsible for the safe operation and continued maintenance of the County Fire Training Center and Burn Building.

Other Responsibilities include overseeing the operation of the County Cause and Origin Team and the County Hazardous Material Response Team”.

The Fire Coordinator also acts as the County’s Code Enforcement Officer. In this role he is responsible for fire safety inspections and code enforcement activities involving county buildings and county construction projects.



Fulton County Emergency Management Training Overview

Updated 1/19/24 1200hrs

Pre-Registration is Required for all courses.

When registering please us LMS ( https://LMSPortal-DHSES.ny.gov ). If you don’t yet have an account, click on “Web Forms” in the top right of the screen and complete the “DHSES LMS Portal-New User Access Request Web Form” to obtain an account.

OFPC requires all studies to upload a completed, signed Training Authorization Letter to LMS before they will be enrolled in the class. If you do not upload a signed letter, you will not be permitted to attend the class.







NYS Fire Officer Best Practices

Berkshire Fire
320 Steele Ave Gloversville, NY 12078


Calderwood Training Solutions


Open Contact EMO

Principles of Instruction

Berkshire Fire
320 Steele Ave Gloversville, NY 12078

2/12; 2/13; 2/19; 2/21; 2/22

SFI Heberer



Ice/Cold Water Rescue – Technician Level

Broadalbin-Kenyetto Fire Dept.
14-16 Pine St Broadalbin, NY 12025

Saturday 2/3/24 8 am- 5pm Sunday 2/4/24 8 am- 5pm




SCBA/Interior Firefighting Operations

Fulton County Fire Training Center
133 Sun Valley Rd

3/12; 3/14; 3/19; 3/21; 3/26; 3/28; 3/30; 4/2; 4/4; 4/9; 4/11; 4/13; 4/23; 4/25; 4/30; 5/2

Tuesday and Thursday Sessions begin at 6:30pm; Saturday Sessions begin at 8:00am

SFI Finkle

Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations (BEFO) 2016 Edition

12/28 – 03/11

Live Fire Training- NFPA 1403, 2018 Edition

Mayfield FD- 28 N. School Street- Mayfield, NY 12117


SFI Berenger


11/29/2023 – 02/12/24


Fulton County EOC 231 N. Perry St. Johnstown

Day #3 – 3/23/24 Day #2 – 8/31/24 Day #1 – 10/26/24

John MacMillan



For notifications of upcoming training, please like our Facebook Page “Fulton County Emergency Management” or sign up on our APP Training Calendar can be found on the county website www.fultoncountyny.gov, Emergency Management, Training, Training Calendar.



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