Fulton County Treasurer


Installment Payment of Delinquent Taxes      
Local Law No. 2 of 1997

Enforcing Officer – The elected treasurer of the County of Fulton

Installment Agreements Processed ONLY      
during the month of May 1 – May 31

Eligible Property Owners - Owner of Residential Real Property.

Installment Agreement – A written agreement between an eligible owner and the enforcing officer providing for the payment of eligible delinquent taxes in installments.

Principal – The amount of delinquent tax, excluding all interest, penalties and other charges.

Term – The enforcing officer shall determine, and the installment agreement shall specify the maximum term to be determined by the enforcing offer on a case by case basis which said maximum term shall not exceed 24 months.

Payment Schedule – Payments to be made monthly.

Down Payment – The required initial down payment, as determined in the discretion of the enforcing officer, shall be 25% of the eligible delinquent taxes.

Not Eligible Property Owners

  • Commercial Property does not apply

  • Land

  • Taxes must be paid in full on all ineligible properties before residential property would be considered as eligible.

  • The property is not eligible for an installment plan if the parcel has been foreclosed on within the last three (3) years in name of the property owner applying for an installment plan.

  • The property is not eligible for an installment plan if the parcel defaulted on a previous installment within the last three (3) years in their name.

Property owners who qualify must be delinquent on taxes for One or AlL

within the month of May period:

May 2023

Only ELEGIBLE during the month of May!  

May 2024

2023 County

2022 School

2022 City

May 2025

2024 County

2023 School

2023 City

May 2026

2025 County

2024 School

2024 City


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