Sheriff's Office - Road Patrol


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

County Complex
2712 State Highway 29
PO Box 20
Johnstown NY 12095

(518) 736-2100



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The Police Division consists of uniformed patrol and criminal investigations.

Generally, the public's first law enforcement contact is with a deputy sheriff, whether the deputy is responding to a citizen's call for help, locating a lost child, or apprehending a dangerous criminal. Deputy Sheriffs’ assigned to patrol the over 530 square miles within Fulton County are responsible for responding to calls for service, investigating crimes, motor vehicle crashes and other offenses, canine response, and conduct traffic safety details. Deputies provide recreational patrol services by boat, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles.

The Criminal Investigations Unit investigates felonies, other major crimes, maintains the sex offender registry, and conducts welfare fraud investigations in cooperation with the Department of Social Services. Investigators are assigned to process crime scenes, as evidence custodians, conduct applicant background investigations, and as pilots of Sheriff's Office unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Deputies and investigators routinely assist and share resources with area police departments, sheriff’s offices, state police, emergency medical services, and fire departments.

The Police Division handles over 14,000 calls for service a year. and has seen a 50% increase in arrests since 2015.


Sheriff's Office Entrance

What is the Fulton County Emergency Management App?

The Fulton County Emergency Management App has a lot to offer and is intended as a single source of information for emergency preparedness, emergency information and alerts.

Also included in the Fulton County Emergency Management App is information on programs and services offered by the Sheriff Office and Public Health.

Additionally, the app contains a complete directory and contact information for County Offices.


Crime Victims Information

In addition to responding to calls for service from the community, deputies will provide victims of crimes, including domestic violence, with information about crime victim compensation and services available from state and local resources, including:

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Victim Services (OVS)
  •  Certain victims of crime (e.g., victims who were physically injured as a result of the crime or those under 18, 60 or over, or disabled who were not physically injured) may be eligible for compensation from the OVS to reimburse for out-of-pocket expenses. The Rights of Crime Victims Booklet is available at
  •  Emergency award of funding information is available at
  •  Medical and other services or victims and family members may qualify for medical or other related services not covered by insurance, including counseling services.
  •  Victim compensation information is available at
  •  Additional information on services is available at the OVS website at

Fulton County District Attorney’s Office
  •  Victims are reminded they must provide current contact information to the prosecutor assigned to their case.
  •  Notification of Defendant Status – Entitles survivors to be informed of judicial proceedings relating to their case, including the arrest, arraignment, release and trial sentencing of the defendant; case disposition and terms of imprisonment.
  •  Restitution and Reparation – Authorizes the court to order a convicted defendant to pay restitution to a victim of crime who has suffered injuries, economic losses or damages from the "fruits of the offense" or to pay reparation for the actual out-of-pocket loss. The district attorney has certain obligations related to restitution. 
  •  Victims may contact the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office at or by telephone at 518 736-5511. 

New York State Department of Correction and Community Services
  •  Notification of Defendant Status -If the final disposition of the case results in the commitment of the defendant to the custody of the State Department of Correctional Services (DOCS), the victim shall also receive notice of his or her right to submit a written, audiotaped or videotaped victim impact statement to the Parole Board. More information is available at
  •  Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) – Provides an automated telephone system providing a victim or any member of the general public with information concerning an inmate’s prison status and release data (Call the DOCS toll-free number at 1-888-VINE 4NY).

New York State Sheriff's Institute
  •   Provides the Sheriff Assist program that includes Order of Protection Notification System and Inmate Release Notification System. It is available at 
  •  If you are a victim of witness intimidation or tampering with a witness contact the Sheriff’s Office by dialing 911 or 518 736-2100 for non emergency complaints.