Department of Social Services - Adult Protective Services


The objective of PSA is to keep individuals over the age of 18 safe from harm due to their own inability to care for themselves or because of neglect or abuse by others. An effort is made to keep individuals in the community or in the least restrictive environment. PSA staff collaborate with other community agencies that may be able to provide needed services.

For persons who are so incapacitated that supportive services are not sufficient to protect them and who have no one to assist them, PSA may apply to Supreme or County Court for the appointment of a guardian to provide for personal needs including food, clothing, shelter, health care, safety and to manage property and financial affairs. If a guardian is appointed, the powers of the guardian are limited to those that the court finds necessary to assist the person.

Successful service delivery relies upon community resources and requires collaboration among health and mental health services, programs for the aged, law enforcement, financial institutions, legal agencies and the courts.

Adults have the right to make their own decisions. They may choose to accept or refuse the services that are offered.

Referrals are accepted for individuals over 18 years of age who:
   •   are physically or mentally impaired
   •   who are not capable of protecting themselves from neglect, abuse, exploitation or hazardous situations
   •   who have unmet essential needs and have no one willing and able to assist them


Some of the services PSA can provide are:
   •   investigations of requests for help
   •   home visits to identify needs and arrange for services
   •   referral to medical care or other resources in the community
   •   referral to counseling for the person and the family
   •   guidance with money management issues
   •   referral to legal services
   •   assistance in finding other living arrangements
   •   services to btain a guardian
   •   assistance in obtaining other benefits and services


Representative Payees
Adult financial management services are available for adults who are not able to manage their finances. It ensures the proper use of a person's income and resources and prevents the mismanagement and financial exploitation of those funds by others. Generally, most adults receiving this service are receiving some form of social security benefits.

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