Fulton County Board of Elections - Offices Up for Election

Note that Village elections are completed in March while the other elections have a Primary in June with the General Election in November.


FederalPresident/Vice President4 yrs
FederalUnited States Senator6 yrs
FederalRepresentative in Congress2 yrs
StateNYS Senator2 yrs
StateAssembly 112th2 yrs
StateAssembly 114th2 yrs
StateAssembly 118th2 yrs
GloversvilleMember of Water Board1 yr vac
EphratahTown Justice4 yrs
OppenheimTown Justice4 yrs
PerthTown Justice4 yrs
VillageTrustee3 yrs
of MayfieldTrustee1yr
VillageTrustee4 yrs
of NorthvilleTrustee4 yrs