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In 2001, Nathan Littauer, Fulton County Social Services, the District Attorney’s Office and Fulton County Public Health met to establish Safe Haven.

Safe Havens are locations for babies whose parents wish to abandon them and where the infant can immediately receive care.

The intent of the program is to prevent the unnecessary death of an infant born to an unwilling parent.

The Sheriff’s Department 911 vestibule and Nathan Littauer Hospital Emergency Room are designated as Safe Haven locations.




Fulton County parents/guardians needing instructions on car seat installation and the proper fitting for the child into the seat may do so by making an appointment at Fulton County Public Health.

The Health Educator will demonstrate properly installing a child’s car seat into the vehicle driven to the appointment and then will demonstrate properly fitting the child into the car seat.

After the training, the parent/guardian will be observed repeating the installation and fitting.


Public Health - Car Seat Program

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Other safety information is also available on topics such as trampolines, air bags, baby walkers and much more.

An environmental safety sheet is available to assess fire safety and general home safety.

These age-appropriate forms enable Fulton County Public Health to provide resources to meet individual safety needs.