Public Health - Prenatal Visit

Public Health - Newborn Checkup


First time moms and high-risk moms residing in Fulton County are offered a one-time phone session with a nurse to provide postpartum and newborn care health education and health guidance. Offered are available resources and instructions on newborn care, feeding (including breastfeeding support), infant growth and development.


Family planning and resource information is available to anyone by calling or stopping by the office.


WIC is a federally funded program to provide nutrition education and supplemental foods for Women, Infants and Children at nutritional risk. For information on WIC call 518-853-8363 or 518-725-2310. Public Health and WIC program staff collaborate to share health and community resource information to women of childbearing years.



The 4th Trimester Project is committed to serve all mothers by providing clear, inclusive, accurate information.
Going from pregnancy, labor and birth or otherwise bringing a baby home is a big transition. It’s a journey and you deserve support. Seeking information and using the resources that are available to you is a sign of strength.

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Lead poisoning is a danger for every baby, child, pregnant woman, and fetus.

Lead paint was commonly used in houses built before 1978. Children living in these homes are, therefore, at a higher risk. Cracking, peeling paint chips and dust from opening and closing windows are the most common exposure sources.

Elevated lead levels can result in developmental delays or brain damage. Proper cleaning methods to reduce lead dust, frequent handwashing, reducing lead hazards and exposures, healthy diets, and other measures can reduce the risk of lead absorption and poisoning.

Talk to your child’s healthcare provider today about testing your child at ages 1 and 2. Results are sent to Fulton County Public Health for follow-up and risk reduction education.


Reduce Lead Poisoning